Thursday, October 29, 2009

Page Not Found- Error #404

Error #404, page not found. this happens mostly whan a user types a url address into the web browser, and mistypes it. of course it cannot display the page, it doesn't exist. most of the time this error appears, its because of a user mistake. now that doesnt mean that there aren't any pages that don't have this error contained on it. this is a common thing also. sometimes the java script doesn't match up, sometimes the page your trying to go to will be having isseus of there own and thats why error#404 shows up.

One thing you can do is hit the refresh button on top of you task bar. sometimes this will fix the problem because in this case there was no real problem, just a glitch. If that does not work, try to get in touch with the web master at whatever site you are trying to go to. The way you do this is type in webmaster@[nameofsite].com this person should be able to direct you to fixing your problem.
So I hope this has been helpful, we aim to please.


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