Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Setup.exe Error


Setup.exe is is the application of different programs like powerpoint, word, excel, for your PC. During instalation of a program, setup.exe is being used. It is thru setup.exe that programs are put together, step by step,and downloaded onto your computer, and activated in turn. While this is happening, it leaves some room for things to go wrong.


Reason number one would be the install proscess described above. If the install and activation were a one step process, there would probibly not be a setup.exe error. But installing anything to your PC is not going to be a simple, one-step process. The more involved of a job, or the more an application has to do, the more room there is for error. Every part of you PC's operating abilities rely on DLL{dynamic links libraries} code to tell it how to work correctly. If your DLL Files get corrupted somehow, they don't give the correct commands.
Believe it or not, this happens alot. Normaly when you uninstall a program or application, it will remove or disable the folders it used. Sometimes those folders were used by another program or application, so the result is a SETUP.EXE Error. Then again some types of adware and spyware will do the same thing. But thats a whole different thing all together.
When Windows seeks to install a program, it uses an installer tool known as InstallShield. InstallShield does this by a method known as InstallScript which uses an event-based script and is built into setup.exe executables. This is yet another area of the setup process where setup .exe can potentially go wrong.


I reccomend going over your last few installs and checking to see what steps, if any, were done wrong. Sometimes in this process things will get changed on accident in your DLL files. This in turnm will effect the rest of your PC's ability to work correctly. What I mean to say is if your DLL gets corupted, your Setup.exe files do not work right. My advice is check your PC Event viewer for the error. This is the application that keeps a detailed log about programs, security, and system events, so 9 times out of 10, there is a record of the indescreptancy. You will find this log in the Administrative Tools folder, located on the Control Panel.
If you think that is a tall order, I think you should try a Registry cleaner that will do the job for you.

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