Thursday, October 22, 2009

Registry Mechanic - Indepth Review

A lot of registry product articles have been popping up lately. Most of them over exaggerate the positive sides and don't even mention the downsides. In this review you will get to know what Registry Mechanics fixes, in which way you benefit from it and in which features it lacks.

Let's start with the negative sides first. The initial price of the product is very cheap. However, it only comes with one year of updates. After that you must subscribe to monthly updates. The benefit of that is that perfect optimizer has enough money and resources to research errors. This way, you are ensured of safe fixes.

Registry Mechanic comes with 12 features. Most of them you will only use once in a while. The real benefit for you lies in its special features. One of them is the 'Ram Defragmentation' function. Program hangs, freezes and slow loading is often to blame at the ram. If you experience hangs, freezes or you play a lot of video games you should run this very often.

Some Features you might not use at all. For example, the 'Internet Explorer Tools'. If you use Firefox all the time or another browser, there is no point in using this feature.

Registry Mechanic also has to remove junk files and is fully Windows Vista compatible. Most registry product simply don't have the time and money to research Windows Vista errors. Because Registry Mechanic has a large customer base, they do have the time, money and reasons to support fully support Windows Vista.

Registry Mechanic is a good Registry Product, updates consistently and has lots of features. Despite its price, you will find that the update are really useful. They offer plenty of support via phone, mail and forums. You might want to check out the free trial to check it out for yourself. They have tons to offer, so check it out.

~You can browse online knowledgebase and find your answers to the most common issues and questions.

~Participate in community forums and receive answers from other PC Tool users

~Get access to their online user guides and learn more about their products

~Receive the latest information and program release dates, version info, and news

~Login to My account and manage your license, orders, and personal data

~Recover your license code and use that service to have your code emailed directly to you

~Send them a question about anything about their award winning programs

~They offer live chat with a customer service representative, or you can just call and speak with a service representative.

So this is the skinny on Registry Mechanics. I hope this has been helpful. And as always, any questions or comments, send an email, and I'll get back to you.


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