Monday, December 21, 2009

the new windows 7

the new windows 7 came out and it has so much cool stuff, its hard to contain myself! let me give you 10 reasons to upgrade to windows 7.

reason #1 get quicker access to your stuff- use pin and jump lists to keep track of important and frequently used programs and websites to haave quicker access to them. you can pin things to your task bar so its close at hand, or just add them to your jump list and they stay right where you left them, ready for you to continue use.

reason #2 do more and wait less- these are improvements that accelerate your computers proformance by making it sleep faster and resume quicker. this is to help your pc be more responsive, faster, more secure, and more reliable.

reason #3 better compatibility- this is a larger set of softwares and devices, and device mangement that keep all programs and related files in one area for easier installs and management.

reason #4 share files and printers on multiple pc's- this means from one pc to another, if they're windows7 based, then you can share files,music, pictures, even printers on any pc thats connected to your home network.

reason #5 stay entertained effortlessly- watch your favorite tv shows ant time, any where. with internet tv built into windows 7 media center, its when you have the time to spend watching.

reason #6 easily create and share movies- create great looking movies and slide shows and share them on youtube in minutes by using a collection of built in products that are designed just for this.

reason #7 keeps your pc better protected with fewer intruptions- enjoy fewer inturptions and system messages and alerts while still enjoying world class security. windows7 comes with built in malware, your pc will instantly tell you whenever a program is trying to change your pc, or access the web.

reason #8 touch and tap instead of point and click- windows 7 makes pc's with touch screens, makes for easier and more intuitive use.

reason #9 supports more tv, movies, videos, and music in more ways- get photos, music, and more with streaming on the go. this is the ability to stream remotly when your not at home.

reason #10 manage devices more easily- see everything you need about your devices in one place. and everything is easy to manage and hook-up.

so those are the top ten reasons, but there are plenty more. my opinion is if your interested, then go and check out windows7 for yourself, then you can make the desion yourself.


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