Monday, December 21, 2009

the new windows 7

the new windows 7 came out and it has so much cool stuff, its hard to contain myself! let me give you 10 reasons to upgrade to windows 7.

reason #1 get quicker access to your stuff- use pin and jump lists to keep track of important and frequently used programs and websites to haave quicker access to them. you can pin things to your task bar so its close at hand, or just add them to your jump list and they stay right where you left them, ready for you to continue use.

reason #2 do more and wait less- these are improvements that accelerate your computers proformance by making it sleep faster and resume quicker. this is to help your pc be more responsive, faster, more secure, and more reliable.

reason #3 better compatibility- this is a larger set of softwares and devices, and device mangement that keep all programs and related files in one area for easier installs and management.

reason #4 share files and printers on multiple pc's- this means from one pc to another, if they're windows7 based, then you can share files,music, pictures, even printers on any pc thats connected to your home network.

reason #5 stay entertained effortlessly- watch your favorite tv shows ant time, any where. with internet tv built into windows 7 media center, its when you have the time to spend watching.

reason #6 easily create and share movies- create great looking movies and slide shows and share them on youtube in minutes by using a collection of built in products that are designed just for this.

reason #7 keeps your pc better protected with fewer intruptions- enjoy fewer inturptions and system messages and alerts while still enjoying world class security. windows7 comes with built in malware, your pc will instantly tell you whenever a program is trying to change your pc, or access the web.

reason #8 touch and tap instead of point and click- windows 7 makes pc's with touch screens, makes for easier and more intuitive use.

reason #9 supports more tv, movies, videos, and music in more ways- get photos, music, and more with streaming on the go. this is the ability to stream remotly when your not at home.

reason #10 manage devices more easily- see everything you need about your devices in one place. and everything is easy to manage and hook-up.

so those are the top ten reasons, but there are plenty more. my opinion is if your interested, then go and check out windows7 for yourself, then you can make the desion yourself.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pc viruses and how they work

there are tons of different virus code that can effect your pc. some are designed to attack your computers ability to function correctly, some are designed to just bug the crap out of you with annoying pop ups that dont go away. the truth is that someone designed them because they dont have anything better to do then ruin your pc. so we could make a list of viruses, but that would take forever, so what we did was try to explain how to not get a virus. most of the time it will happen from you, the user, letting it happen.
the first and most common way is thru unknown emails that have an attachment with them. that attachment carries the virus. nby opening the attachment, you allow the virus to activate. the rule of thumb is, if the email address is unfimilure to you, dont open it.

another common way is to have something pop up saying that its an anti-virus program and your pc is infected. then it will go on to say that you need to allow it to run its program. this is generaly when a box will pop up that looks like an install program box. most of the time it will have all the options checked for you and it anticipates you not looking into what its doing to much and just allowing it. this is bad. once you have allowed it into your system, it potentialy full access to whatever programs it was built to infect. this could be your exe files, your dll files, anything.

now we should talk about viruses that are built to steal your information and send it to someone thats going to use it. these viruses are called spy-ware. we have all heard of it, but do we really know what it means? a spy-ware program is desighned soley to send your information to the hacker. i use the term hacker loosely and only because in essance thats whats going on. someone has written a coded virus that infects your pc and sends info back. what it does is record your keystrokes. this means it looks at the way you type, and figures out your passwords and the websites you visit most. then they compile this info and use it any way they can. the very best way to stop this is to stay current with all the anti- virus and anti-spyware programs. this will keep alot of these things at bay.

if your looking for more information on this then you should read up on registry mechanic, or cc cleaner. i recomend these products because of they're user friendly product and they'er willingness to help the consumer.

so as alwys, any questions or comments, send us an email. we'll get back to you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Page Not Found- Error #404

Error #404, page not found. this happens mostly whan a user types a url address into the web browser, and mistypes it. of course it cannot display the page, it doesn't exist. most of the time this error appears, its because of a user mistake. now that doesnt mean that there aren't any pages that don't have this error contained on it. this is a common thing also. sometimes the java script doesn't match up, sometimes the page your trying to go to will be having isseus of there own and thats why error#404 shows up.

One thing you can do is hit the refresh button on top of you task bar. sometimes this will fix the problem because in this case there was no real problem, just a glitch. If that does not work, try to get in touch with the web master at whatever site you are trying to go to. The way you do this is type in webmaster@[nameofsite].com this person should be able to direct you to fixing your problem.
So I hope this has been helpful, we aim to please.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooler Error- Error #1068

For some people this is the most frustrating, infuriating PC Error that can come up. The reason for this is that it is one of the hardest to fix. I say that because there is no clear way described to fix it. Every PC will have it's own reason for it to show up.You see, the problem occurs when you install a new printer. If you have uninstalled your old printer, you might not have returned ALL the drivers for the printing service back to the defalt settings. If this is the case then it's an easy fix. Simply go into your start menu, click on printers and faxes. Once your in this area, two options will appear, "fix it for me" and "let me fix it myself". If you aren't fimilure with the operating systems, I do not recomend doing this yourself. If your opting the "fix it for me" option, then its as easy as following the directions on your screen. Click the "fix this problem" tab, and when the box appears, click on "run" in the file download box. Now there will be two options when you get this far. Run light, or Run full. I suggest run full, that way it removes everything that would normaly give you more problems in the future. If you opt for this option, it will restore your PC to the default settings, then you will have to re-install your new printer.If you opt to fix it yourself, Sounds easy right? Its not. Anything you do is going to leave room for error. All you can do is pay attention and try to cover all the bases.


The first thing I need to tell you is BE CAREFUL. SERIOUS PROBLEMS WILL OCCUR IF YOU DO THIS WRONG! With that said, you need to back up your Registry before you begin, that way if the unforeseeable should happen, you can always restore your PC back to before you started. This is important. The steps to backing up your Registry are as follows:
1. Go to your start menu and click RUN, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and then click on ok.
2. The page should come up as WELCOME TO SYSTEM RESTORE. Now you want to click on CREATE A RESTORE POINT, and then click on NEXT.
3. Now you you want to create a name for your RESTORE POINT, and click CREATE.
4. Now that this is done, close and your problem should be solved.

Now what you need to do is start your PC in SAFE MODE. This is so you can remove the corrupt spool files. These are the steps to follow:
1. Restart your PC and start pressing the F8 ke located on the top of your keyboard. If your PC can use multiple operating systems at the same time, you can press F8 in the BOOT menu to achieve the desired effect.
2. Enter SAFE MODE in the WINDOWS ADVANCED OPTIONS, and press enter.
3. Now that you are in SAFE MODE, you need to delete the SPOOL PRINTER AND DRIVER FILES. To do this you need to start MICROSOFT WINDOWS EXPLORER so that you can files and folders found in these two folders: C:\Windows\Systems32\Spool\Printers

4. Now you need to edit your Registry. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS! If you are not careful in doing this, it will be for nothing. If you do this incorrectly, you may need to reinstall your operating systems. This is bad. REMEMBER: YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I suggest you consult a professional. Now you need to start your Registry Editor. To do this, click the Start button, click the Run button, type regedit into the Open box, and then click OK.

Now you need to locate and expand the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86

View the list of subkeys. There should only be the following subkeys:
Print Processors

If there are any subkeys other than the subkeys that are listed in step 2, follow these steps:

1. On the File menu, click Export.
2. In the File Name box, type what you want to use for this key and then click Save.


1. Start Registry Editor if it is not open. To do this, click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. Locate and then expand the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers
The registry entries for the printer drivers that are installed on the computer are stored in the Version-x subkey where x is a number .
3. Export the Version-x subkey To do this, follow these steps:
1. On the File menu, click Export.
2. In the File Name box, type what you want to use for this key and then click Save.
4. Expand the Version-x subkey and delete the printer driver entries. To do this, right-click each printer driver subkey, and then Delete. Click Yes when asked to confirm.

Remove the potentially problematic print monitor subkeys, which may be interfering with the printer you want to use. These may have been installed by third-party printer setup programs. Use the following steps to keep the print monitors and registry entries that came with Windows and remove all others that may be causing issues.

1. Start Registry Editor if it is not open. To do this, click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. Locate and then expand the following registry key:

View the list of subkeys. There should only be the following subkeys for the default print monitors:
BJ Language Monitor
Local Port
PJL Language Monitor
Standard TCP/IP Port
USB Monitor
3. If there are any subkeys other than the subkeys that are listed in step 1, follow these steps:
1. On the File menu, click Export.
2. In the File Name box, type what you want to name this key and then click Save.
3. Delete all the subkeys other than the subkeys that are listed in step 2. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the deletion.
4. Exit Registry Editor.
5. Disconnect the printer cable from the computer, and then restart your PC. Now what you need to do is make sure that the print spooler service is running. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
2. Expand Services and Applications, and then click Services.
3. In the details box, right-click the Print Spooler service, and then click Start.

I hope that this has been helpful to you, and as always, if you have questions or comments, please contact us, we'll get back to you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Setup.exe Error


Setup.exe is is the application of different programs like powerpoint, word, excel, for your PC. During instalation of a program, setup.exe is being used. It is thru setup.exe that programs are put together, step by step,and downloaded onto your computer, and activated in turn. While this is happening, it leaves some room for things to go wrong.


Reason number one would be the install proscess described above. If the install and activation were a one step process, there would probibly not be a setup.exe error. But installing anything to your PC is not going to be a simple, one-step process. The more involved of a job, or the more an application has to do, the more room there is for error. Every part of you PC's operating abilities rely on DLL{dynamic links libraries} code to tell it how to work correctly. If your DLL Files get corrupted somehow, they don't give the correct commands.
Believe it or not, this happens alot. Normaly when you uninstall a program or application, it will remove or disable the folders it used. Sometimes those folders were used by another program or application, so the result is a SETUP.EXE Error. Then again some types of adware and spyware will do the same thing. But thats a whole different thing all together.
When Windows seeks to install a program, it uses an installer tool known as InstallShield. InstallShield does this by a method known as InstallScript which uses an event-based script and is built into setup.exe executables. This is yet another area of the setup process where setup .exe can potentially go wrong.


I reccomend going over your last few installs and checking to see what steps, if any, were done wrong. Sometimes in this process things will get changed on accident in your DLL files. This in turnm will effect the rest of your PC's ability to work correctly. What I mean to say is if your DLL gets corupted, your Setup.exe files do not work right. My advice is check your PC Event viewer for the error. This is the application that keeps a detailed log about programs, security, and system events, so 9 times out of 10, there is a record of the indescreptancy. You will find this log in the Administrative Tools folder, located on the Control Panel.
If you think that is a tall order, I think you should try a Registry cleaner that will do the job for you.

Click Here For More Information About Registry Cleaners!

Script Errors


This occurs when you run a computer application or try to access a web page. Your PC cannot understand or implement the command. What this means is the Web Page has loaded, but there are Errors on it. Your PC then displays the Script Error box.
A script Error could be origanated in the source code on the page, or it could be from your system settings. An older computer has outdated software that is not compatable with whats being used by whatever page your trying to visit. And if thats not the case, then most likly its one or more of the internal settings in your PC, or maybe the network your using. If this is the case, simply check the settings, and adjust accordingly. If that still doesn't fix the problem, then its a webmaster problem, and all you can do is report the error to them via email.


If you continue to see the same Error, then you should try updating your system. Outdated or corrupted hardware can grow to be a big problem. Make all Drivers up to date. You do this by uninstalling the old, and installing the new. If you don't know what your doing, or don't feel comfortable doing this, take it to a professional.
Another thing to do is deleting the Temp Files from your Internet Connection. Also try turning down your PC screen resolution and reduce the number of colors you use. Do this until you reach the lowest levels, or the Script Error goes away, whichever comes first.


A Script Error isn't that big of a deal at first, but left alone it can lead to more problems then you need. If your not sure of how to fix this do some research and asses the situation. If you do not feel confident in your ability to handle the troubleshooting of said PC, I suggest consulting a professional.

Runtime Error- Error # 216


The Runtime Error happens when the execution of a program times out. What this means is for an example you start whatever Internet Explorer you use. The Runtime is from the first click to open the Internet Explorer, to when you stop exploring. That is the Runtime. Now, as far as PC Errors go, this is the least of your worries. It's an easy fix because Microsoft has developed a code of numbers to diagnose what the Runtime Error means. Lets say for instance you get a Runtime Error with a code #53. The code #53 means a program is missing a file.


Most of the time Runtime Errors are problems with your Windows system instead of the program you trying to operate. A common problem with Runtime Errors comes from your registry. For example, a Runtime Error #53, a missing file, could really be a problem with a dirty Registry, and nothing more.


One thing you can do is use a program like Registry Mechanics, or CC Cleaner to combat a faulty Registry. One quick scan of your PC will tell you what the problem is, then you can take the nesasary steps to fix or prevent the problem. Most Registry products will check the entire file structure of your PC, application extension, and file integrity, shared files, and a ton of other sections that no one looks at. Once the Registry cleaner diagnoses the problem, its as easy as pie to fix.
There are tons of Registry products out there, the key to finding a good one is research. I would not recomend just purchasing any old thing and expect it to fix the problem. There are many fine promises to be heard, but when it comes down to the line, a promise is just a promise but results are worth their weight in gold.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fatal Error- Error #1603

This is an error that occurs when you install a device, and don't have the disk space for it. It might say,"Error 1603: Fatal Error During Installation". Or "Error 1603: General Windows Installer engine error". What you have to do in this case is create more room for whatever it is you want to install. And remember, when a Fatal Error occurs, you may lose whatever data the program was processing. What you need to look at is where it says memory_limit - It will mostly like say 8MB which is the default.Now edit your php.ini file to 20MB. Restart your httpd (apache) server.If this doesn't work, you will have to edit your script ad put this code at the very top:ini_set("memory_limit","20M") and remember, Always make a backup of the php.ini file before you begin to do anything like this.

So that is one of the reasons that you have come acrossed a Fatal Error. Another reason could be the Temp directory is not clean. There are ways to clean the Temp directory, such as deleting unused files, old windows updates, those music files you don't really listen to. Anything that is just taking up space for no good reason. You can also do as follows;
1. Ensure that all users are logged out of the database.
2. In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, open the database.
3.On the tools menu, click Clean up Temp Directory.
4.In the Clean Up Local Temporary Files Directory dialog box, indicate
the path to the Temp directory.
5. Click OK.
6. Notify users that the database is ready to use again.

Or it could mean that a certain file on the machine is locked. To fix this:

1. Close all applications running in the background.
2. Reboot your computer.
3. Run the installation again.
Sometimes its as simple as the media itself. If the media comes from a CD, check the disk for scratches, dust, or dirt. If this is the case, just clean the disk with soft, damp, non abrasive cloth.
Or the fatal error during installation can happen while a system file required to complete the install is not found. If you have accidentally deleted a system file, this can be the cause.
There are many reasons that this could be happening, but I think I have covered the basics.There are sites that can do this for you, but i recommend that you do it yourself. This will save you alot of money, and you will learn alot by doing it also.
So remember, if you have questions, or comments, send an email, I'll get back to you.

Error 505

Error 501/505: Not implemented or not supported.

If you have seen this it could be because a third-party product is interfering with Internet Explorer, or the HTTP1.1 setting is enabled. To fix this problem open Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools, and follow these steps.

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Internet Options in the Tools menu.
2. Once in the Internet Options box, click the Advanced tab.
3. Click to clear the HTTP 1.1 check box, and then click OK.
4. Test to determine if the problem is fixed. If it is, do not continue with the remaining steps. If the issue isn't, go on to the next step.
5. In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
6. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
7. Click to clear the Show friendly HTTP error messages check box.
8. Open a Web page to reproduce the error message. This new error message may be similar to the following:
HTTP version not supported by program name.
Note the name of the program in this new error message.
9. The program name that you noted in step 8 may be the cause of this issue. Either remove this program, or contact the manufacturer of the program to inquire about the availability of a fix for this issue.

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Error Library

PC Error Lab

Knowledge is power. To best secure and streamline your computers needs, you have to have some understanding of the processes and factors that can become infections in your computer’s security, speed, and performance.

This Resource station is provided to you with information you will need to understand the threats that will put your computer, and your security at risk, And also the registry processes that enables your computer to run smoothly.

Here is the knowledge you will need in order to protect yourself and your computer.

CC Cleaner- an indepth review

CC Cleaner is a registry cleaner and scanner product known as freeware. Usually the rule of thumb is stay away from most free softwares, but this can be an exception. CC Cleaner is produced from one of the best software companies on the Net. It cannot fix 100% of the problems, but it does a real nice job. CC Cleaner is a registry cleaner, and it also scans other parts of your computer such as the temporary internet files and recycle bin. This allows it to make sure any possible problems are taken care of before they can worse. CC Cleaner then prompts the user to remove each infection, and explains why it wants to do this, in order to take care of the problems. If you are looking for a user friendly registry cleaner and scanner to install, CC Cleaner is a great idea.

Something that I can't say enough is don't just look at the sales page only and buy the product. To find registry scanner that fits your needs, you need to do research. Multiple websites, and pay attention to the details in order to make sure the product is a legitimate one. Not every site is a legitimate business, or about customer service, and in my opinion, that's key.

These are some of the nicer parts of CC Cleaner:
If your running Internet Explorer~
- Temporary File Cache
- URL History
- Cookies
- Hidden Index.dat files
- Last download file location

If your running FireFox~
- Temporary File Cache
- URL History
- Cookies
- Download manager

If your running Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari~
-Recycle Bin
-Windows Temporary files
-Windows Log files
-Recent Documents (on the Start Menu)
-Run history (on the Start Menu)
-Windows XP Search Assistant history
-Windows XP old Prefetch data
-Windows memory dumps after crashes
-Chkdsk file fragments

And these are just a few. So as always, Questions or Comments, send me an email, I'll get back to you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Registry Mechanic - Indepth Review

A lot of registry product articles have been popping up lately. Most of them over exaggerate the positive sides and don't even mention the downsides. In this review you will get to know what Registry Mechanics fixes, in which way you benefit from it and in which features it lacks.

Let's start with the negative sides first. The initial price of the product is very cheap. However, it only comes with one year of updates. After that you must subscribe to monthly updates. The benefit of that is that perfect optimizer has enough money and resources to research errors. This way, you are ensured of safe fixes.

Registry Mechanic comes with 12 features. Most of them you will only use once in a while. The real benefit for you lies in its special features. One of them is the 'Ram Defragmentation' function. Program hangs, freezes and slow loading is often to blame at the ram. If you experience hangs, freezes or you play a lot of video games you should run this very often.

Some Features you might not use at all. For example, the 'Internet Explorer Tools'. If you use Firefox all the time or another browser, there is no point in using this feature.

Registry Mechanic also has to remove junk files and is fully Windows Vista compatible. Most registry product simply don't have the time and money to research Windows Vista errors. Because Registry Mechanic has a large customer base, they do have the time, money and reasons to support fully support Windows Vista.

Registry Mechanic is a good Registry Product, updates consistently and has lots of features. Despite its price, you will find that the update are really useful. They offer plenty of support via phone, mail and forums. You might want to check out the free trial to check it out for yourself. They have tons to offer, so check it out.

~You can browse online knowledgebase and find your answers to the most common issues and questions.

~Participate in community forums and receive answers from other PC Tool users

~Get access to their online user guides and learn more about their products

~Receive the latest information and program release dates, version info, and news

~Login to My account and manage your license, orders, and personal data

~Recover your license code and use that service to have your code emailed directly to you

~Send them a question about anything about their award winning programs

~They offer live chat with a customer service representative, or you can just call and speak with a service representative.

So this is the skinny on Registry Mechanics. I hope this has been helpful. And as always, any questions or comments, send an email, and I'll get back to you.

Product Review - PC Repair Tools

This is a review of the 3 best PC Repair Tools available for download and purchase on the web. It is my goal to make you aware of the good, the bad, and all in between.

Product #1:

Registry Mechanic

registry mechanic screen shot 2There are 3 options when you open Registry mechanic they are: Scan your registry, compact registry, and optimize your system.

It’s streamlined interface and user-friendly navigate buttons make it a great choice of registry cleaners choice for both novice and advanced users.

Click Here For More Information


CC Cleaner

CC Cleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it’s fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! Sounds good, right?

Click Here For More Information

Error Nuker

Error Nuker is a very popular registry repair program, and it's got a large online following. Error Nuker is one of several related applications from a company called "TrekBlue", the others including "Spyware Nuker", "Spam Nuker" & "Popup Nuker".

Error Nuker is designed for Windows® 98/ME, 2000, XP & Vista™.
Error Nuker is very thorough, going through the PC's hard-drive and other system attributes (such as fonts, startup processes, driver associations, DLL references) and so on.

Click Here For More Information!

So these are just 3 of the many products out there that will help streamline your PC's performance. Just remember, repair software is very affordable (most under $30). Contrast that with high hourly rates for a technician who will just run one of the registry cleaner programs for you. Don't even think about calling a technician for a slow system or DLL errors until you run a registry cleaner first for yourself.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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