Friday, October 23, 2009

CC Cleaner- an indepth review

CC Cleaner is a registry cleaner and scanner product known as freeware. Usually the rule of thumb is stay away from most free softwares, but this can be an exception. CC Cleaner is produced from one of the best software companies on the Net. It cannot fix 100% of the problems, but it does a real nice job. CC Cleaner is a registry cleaner, and it also scans other parts of your computer such as the temporary internet files and recycle bin. This allows it to make sure any possible problems are taken care of before they can worse. CC Cleaner then prompts the user to remove each infection, and explains why it wants to do this, in order to take care of the problems. If you are looking for a user friendly registry cleaner and scanner to install, CC Cleaner is a great idea.

Something that I can't say enough is don't just look at the sales page only and buy the product. To find registry scanner that fits your needs, you need to do research. Multiple websites, and pay attention to the details in order to make sure the product is a legitimate one. Not every site is a legitimate business, or about customer service, and in my opinion, that's key.

These are some of the nicer parts of CC Cleaner:
If your running Internet Explorer~
- Temporary File Cache
- URL History
- Cookies
- Hidden Index.dat files
- Last download file location

If your running FireFox~
- Temporary File Cache
- URL History
- Cookies
- Download manager

If your running Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari~
-Recycle Bin
-Windows Temporary files
-Windows Log files
-Recent Documents (on the Start Menu)
-Run history (on the Start Menu)
-Windows XP Search Assistant history
-Windows XP old Prefetch data
-Windows memory dumps after crashes
-Chkdsk file fragments

And these are just a few. So as always, Questions or Comments, send me an email, I'll get back to you.


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