Friday, October 23, 2009

Fatal Error- Error #1603

This is an error that occurs when you install a device, and don't have the disk space for it. It might say,"Error 1603: Fatal Error During Installation". Or "Error 1603: General Windows Installer engine error". What you have to do in this case is create more room for whatever it is you want to install. And remember, when a Fatal Error occurs, you may lose whatever data the program was processing. What you need to look at is where it says memory_limit - It will mostly like say 8MB which is the default.Now edit your php.ini file to 20MB. Restart your httpd (apache) server.If this doesn't work, you will have to edit your script ad put this code at the very top:ini_set("memory_limit","20M") and remember, Always make a backup of the php.ini file before you begin to do anything like this.

So that is one of the reasons that you have come acrossed a Fatal Error. Another reason could be the Temp directory is not clean. There are ways to clean the Temp directory, such as deleting unused files, old windows updates, those music files you don't really listen to. Anything that is just taking up space for no good reason. You can also do as follows;
1. Ensure that all users are logged out of the database.
2. In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, open the database.
3.On the tools menu, click Clean up Temp Directory.
4.In the Clean Up Local Temporary Files Directory dialog box, indicate
the path to the Temp directory.
5. Click OK.
6. Notify users that the database is ready to use again.

Or it could mean that a certain file on the machine is locked. To fix this:

1. Close all applications running in the background.
2. Reboot your computer.
3. Run the installation again.
Sometimes its as simple as the media itself. If the media comes from a CD, check the disk for scratches, dust, or dirt. If this is the case, just clean the disk with soft, damp, non abrasive cloth.
Or the fatal error during installation can happen while a system file required to complete the install is not found. If you have accidentally deleted a system file, this can be the cause.
There are many reasons that this could be happening, but I think I have covered the basics.There are sites that can do this for you, but i recommend that you do it yourself. This will save you alot of money, and you will learn alot by doing it also.
So remember, if you have questions, or comments, send an email, I'll get back to you.


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