Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pc viruses and how they work

there are tons of different virus code that can effect your pc. some are designed to attack your computers ability to function correctly, some are designed to just bug the crap out of you with annoying pop ups that dont go away. the truth is that someone designed them because they dont have anything better to do then ruin your pc. so we could make a list of viruses, but that would take forever, so what we did was try to explain how to not get a virus. most of the time it will happen from you, the user, letting it happen.
the first and most common way is thru unknown emails that have an attachment with them. that attachment carries the virus. nby opening the attachment, you allow the virus to activate. the rule of thumb is, if the email address is unfimilure to you, dont open it.

another common way is to have something pop up saying that its an anti-virus program and your pc is infected. then it will go on to say that you need to allow it to run its program. this is generaly when a box will pop up that looks like an install program box. most of the time it will have all the options checked for you and it anticipates you not looking into what its doing to much and just allowing it. this is bad. once you have allowed it into your system, it potentialy full access to whatever programs it was built to infect. this could be your exe files, your dll files, anything.

now we should talk about viruses that are built to steal your information and send it to someone thats going to use it. these viruses are called spy-ware. we have all heard of it, but do we really know what it means? a spy-ware program is desighned soley to send your information to the hacker. i use the term hacker loosely and only because in essance thats whats going on. someone has written a coded virus that infects your pc and sends info back. what it does is record your keystrokes. this means it looks at the way you type, and figures out your passwords and the websites you visit most. then they compile this info and use it any way they can. the very best way to stop this is to stay current with all the anti- virus and anti-spyware programs. this will keep alot of these things at bay.

if your looking for more information on this then you should read up on registry mechanic, or cc cleaner. i recomend these products because of they're user friendly product and they'er willingness to help the consumer.

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