Thursday, January 7, 2010

Windows Defender

windows defender is a product that was designed to protect you and your pc from getting nasty viruses and spyware. it also has built in threat removal. nice huh. this means it will be so much easier for you to surf and search the web. and if you accidently delete a program you need, you can recover that with little to no hassel. windows defender is designed to look for ways for viruses and spyware to get into your pc and close those doors for you before they can be used to infect your pc. windows defender will automaticly get new updates for your pc, and also offers phone support for when you cant figure it out on your own.

ever since the internet was invented, there have been people trying to find ways to help themselves to your information, so that they can help themselves to your hard earned cash. not very nice is it? so that is why people at places like microsoft, norton, and mcafee have been trying to help you as the consumer to protect yourself and your information from being stolen and used as ill gotten gains. you see, the problem with spyware is its not really a virus, as such it doesnt damage your computer. what it does is look at your pc, and finds your most used web sites, and records your key strokes. the spyware program then sends your much coveted information to who ever uploaded it. and thats when your in trouble.

you also need to be careful of a little tricky bug known as ransomeware. this is bad news. picture this, you get an e-mail with an attachment that states you have won something, or whatever. so you open said e-mail, download attachment, and it turns out to be some crap after all. so you go about your day. the next day however, you go to sign on and check your e-mails, as usual, and your pc freezes, then unlocks. you now have an e-mail that states if you dont send x amount of dollars, normally $300 bucks, to the location of hackers choice, your data will never be unlocked to you again. and this nice pirson who infected your pc, well, he, or she will use your info to buy that new bmw m6 convertable that has an asking price of $108,000.00 so this is why you need to always keep current and trustworthy anti-virus protection. thats why we at use and trust programs like norton, mcafee, and kaspersky lab are always up to date, and user friendly.

so as always, any questions, or comments, send us an e-mail. we will get back to you.


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